Replica Gucci Dionysus Small Embroidered Floral Satchel Bag

Dionysus, a god of wine in Greek mythology. He is the son of Zeus, was born in the fire, raised the rain. He is the only mortal mother among the gods and the god who finally entered the Olympus Wonderland. He created wine, wine makes people sad, wine makes people germinate.

“Dionysus represents the wild, dreamlike, intoxicating spirit combined with the aesthetics of nature. In fact, life is like a work of art.” – Nietzsche

Designers are not philosophers, more than poets. Designer is a plastic artist, for the modeling artist, his challenge is to make people the first glance, you can see the beauty behind the shape.

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Replica Gucci Handbags Dionysus Small Embroidered Floral Satchel Bag, Pink This uniquely inspired design comes from a story of Bacchus: Legend has it that he became a tiger with a young fairy crossing the Tigris. With this pair of horseshoe arched double tiger head buckle, contemporary women’s diverse life to be harmonious parallel, balanced. And he designed Bacchanal series, but also reflects the modern woman day and night seamless switch, with the spirit of passionate and generous hearty personality, the pursuit of spiritual aristocracy.

Replica Gucci Bags current creative director Alessandro Michelle took office in the autumn and winter 2015 show on the first bag is the Bacchus replica bag tote, once introduced worldwide, until three years later, still unabated. Maybe you are reading this article, there is a wine cupboard cabinet. I think we must know that the Dionysus Bag’s name is derived from its name Dionysus Bag and also knows that the tiger’s headdress is an iconic element of the bag. However, what is the difference between Dionysus and Dionysus contact? What are the elements of this bag is related to Bacchus?

Replica Gucci Handbags

First of all, let’s get acquainted with Dionysus through such a “business card”: Position: Bacchus, harvest god. Greek name: Dionysus Dionysos. Roman name: Bucchus Bacchus.Father: Zeus Zeus. Mother: Semele Samuel (mortal). Residence: Mount Olympus Olympus. Wife: Ariadne Ariadne. Symbol: Scepter, Ivy, Grape. Relics: tiger, cheetah, bull, snake.

Although the arched double tiger head buckle is the iconic distinction between the Dionysos series and other series, but really let people noticed that it is actually in the traditional GG Supreme printing, into the unique and stylish embroidery details, replica handbags Using unique embroidery techniques, using silk twined brass colored threads, the motifs of various animal plants are hand-embroidered on silk just as Dionysus ruled the late humans and brought them back to life. These insects and flowers, plants and Animals, are lifelike three-dimensional appearance, of course, this kind of life-cycle also means that the brand so back to life.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Later, people see arch double tiger head buckle to know that this is the Dionysian series, if there is no buckle, but there are embroidery and printing, it is actually not called Bacchus, including the very popular out later square flap bag In fact, many brands have) padlock, as well as the most classic Boston bag, have been printed on the Bacchus patterns and embroidery.

Double tiger head shape not only represents the god of wine, but also a symbol of romantic love at first sight, while the seamless connection of the two tigers also expressed the seamless transition between day and night, modern metropolitan people pursue the spirit of aristocratic life.

Replica Gucci Handbags

After the success of Dionysus replica bag tote, Replica Gucci Handbags also rich style of Dionysus replica bag tote, while the element of Dionysus to clothes, shoes and belts design.

In fact, the mythical character has been so emphasized in the creative image of Alessandro Michele that Dionysian mother is the only mortal among the gods, and also because Dionysus grew up with all creatures in the forest. The wine brewed by God can also make people forget sadness and give birth to happiness and inspiration. All these stories are free and beautiful, and everything can coexist harmoniously. So any of the flowers and trees, insect beasts can become creative elements. Therefore, these prints of Bacchus is my most recommended, they are simple and not simple, and other people’s Bacchus bag to distinguish, reflecting the initial inspiration of the wine god replica bag tote.

Replica Goyard Chevron Boeing 55 Black Bag

Brand low-key but there is quality, perennial do not advertise no spokesman, the bag is not leather or PVC, the price is not cheap. Of course, this brand only ladies and big coffee will buy, because you have to have money but also money.

MICHELLE a fashion BLOGER, STYLING plus fashion industry boss. Although living in fashion circles, but a low-key, not run around the brand name, did not wear a famous brand, for her favorite brand will be very tireless to study its history and characteristics. Her low profile just like her recommended replica bag tote today, Replica Goyard Handbags Chevron Boeing 55 Black, quality, story, never advertising, not every quarter of new products, which is MICHELLE love it.

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Replica Goyard Bags brand like LV CHANEL so many people know that the general back of the brand replica bags tote are also foreign ladies and super stars, they are back St.Louis this is the most common. And MICHELLE to buy this JEANNE back very few people.JEANNE inspiration from a long time ago hat box, the structure itself is designed to be more feminine.

Why the replica bag tote will tell you that you know that the brand of the replica bag tote should know that their home replica bag tote is not leather, PVC is made of gum coating made of.But this material to do it out of the replica handbags tote it is ultra-thin, ultra-light, but also waterproof , Ladies who are like to carry them, as if it is not embarrassed that he is a ladies!

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Miss bag in the eyes of this replica handbags tote from the color and design point of view are more suitable for older girls, as a fashion BLOGER is STYLING, MICHELLE with the ride is not unusual way, after the whole match you will feel from 20 Age to 50 years old women to back it is completely no problem.

Business meeting with a formal coat when there is no  Replica Goyard Bags tote are embarrassed to say that they are ladies. Go out to do STYLING time, you can easily back up, with white T or black suit two different shapes highlight the personality.

Replica Goyard Handbags

Street shooting free carry in his hand, bent a shape readily pinch, MICHELLE buy a replica bag tote has its own criteria, buy a large replica bag tote will certainly buy the basic 5 years with the basic models, small handbags as long as the more strange the more special The better, because it is out to install personality. ITBAG she never bought, she said because it was a business gimmick. This Replica Goyard Handbags Jeanne bag is because it is too practical, MICHELLE often travel is also very busy, then a short trip or when the meeting will certainly bring this replica bag tote, because the computer, notebook, snacks that her essential products Will be able to be installed inside.

Of course, MICHELLE said GOYARD does not mean that they really want to become a ladies friends, but the brand will give you a super intimate service, it can specifically for you to do a section of your own bag. “If I want to make a lip in the bag a small pocket, the brand can be specifically for me to do.

Replica Goyard Handbags

This exclusive MICHELLE own bag is designed specifically for the MICHELLE, red and white stripes plus MICHELLE the beginning of the English name of the letter through the store’s designer specifically designed for her custom made of color. Although it is not free and to spend a few thousand dollars, but there is a unique design of their own replica bag tote, then it will never appear hit the embarrassment of the replica bag tote. MICHELLE also revealed a secret to me, the brand has a customer dedicated to their home suitcase brought his favorite caviar and small spoon.

But talking about the durability of GOYARD bag, MICHELLE said that may not like a large group LV brand such a durable, and sometimes it is easier to be worn, so every time after the bag she will cherish the bag clean , Very loving care of these bags.

Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Famed Clutch Bag

Serpenti has become a complete series, including advanced jewelry, accessories, handbags, watches and other product lines. Serpenti series also incorporates all the iconic features of Replica Bvlgari Handbags, it emphasizes the choice of color and material mix, emphasizing the wearing of jewelry comfort, the pioneer of the manual process. It can be said, Serpenti has become a symbol of the history of the development of Bulgari, but also the history of the world jewelry is an important symbol.

Replica Bvlgari Bags as a jewelry brand of senior qualifications, in the bag industry has been no deeply rooted proud of the goods until the 2012 autumn and winter “Serpenti” series of bags turned out, and finally let the Bulgari in the name of the replica bag tote line in possession of this A place. Looked at a variety of portable, shoulder bag, hot summer cool and simple dress, need a dazzling packet for your total look plus points, then Serpenti Messenger bag can become your winning point.

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This Replica Bvlgari Handbags Serpenti Famed Clutch Bag Black 3021 suitable for petite trumpet Serpenti, summer small bag bright, smart feeling can hold a variety of occasions, bright yellow in the summer can bring dressed fresh wind and big S Of the elegant atmosphere of coffee, the occasion is really unanimous use of the occasion. As a variety of occasions can control the wild replica bag tote.
Bulgari’s bags are divided into eight series, Serpenti Forever, Serpenti Scagie, Replica Bvlgari Bags. Serpenti Hypnotic, MVSA, Bulgari Cocktail and OCTO. Which is the most popular inside should be known as the tiger eye stone clamshell Serpenti Forever series.

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This mid-size Serpenti Forever series of clamshell bag for the calf cortex, size 26 x 20.5 x 8 cm. Light gold-plated brass accessories and black and white enamel “Serpenti” snake buckle buckle, eye inlaid green malachite. Replica Handbags style with two buckle plate, and with adjustable, removable snake chain and leather shoulder strap. Built-in make-up mirror pocket. Another black, nude color, green, purple and so on to choose from. In addition to the same trumpet to choose from.

Replica Bvlgari Handbags

The Serpenti Forever series is a trumpet with a size of 18 x 16 x 9.5 cm. In addition to calfskin material, there are water snake skin, pearl skin plus calfskin and lizard skin material can choose; In addition, from the color point of view in addition to the classic solid color, but also added a collision color mix of styles.

Serpenti Forever series in 2016 this new embellishment “Scaglie Studs” words black onyx accessories replica bags. Gold gold-plated brass accessories and black and white enamel “Serpenti” snake buckle buckle, eyes inlaid black onyx. Handbag style with three buckle plate, and with adjustable, removable snake chain and leather shoulder strap. Built-in make-up mirror pocket. This is also a small bag, its special place is to add agate mosaic, more gorgeous, eye-catching.

Replica Bvlgari Handbags

This is also the Serpenti Forever clamshell series, with the only difference before the size of the main is no hand strap. This section is divided into four sizes to choose from: the design of the booth is very elegant, the structure is full of dynamic, winding lines reminiscent of the spirit of the snake. The booth design is quite Hadid’s personal characteristics, smooth curve, full of geometric beauty, and Bvlgari pursuit of accurate balance, the proportion of appropriate design style complement each other.

Replica Celine Trapeze Original Leather with Nubuck Leather Bag

Replica Celine Handbags was launched in the fall of 2011. “Trapeze” means gymnastics or circus with high altitude swing, so in China, Trapeze is also known as “swing bag”.

Trapeze swing replica tote bag launched a new “trumpet” models, only in mainland China and Hong Kong, China limited sale. If you really want to start the card of the small replica tote bag, then I suggest or into the Diamond Pocket series, this shoulder small Replica Handbags composed of four different colors, the replica tote bag has a diamond-shaped area of the color block, the shape of diamonds Named.

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Replica Celine Bags Trapeze Original Leather with Nubuck Leather Bag Pink / Dark Blue / Black 3342 The characteristics of the leather is a lot of splicing mixed, not heavy strange Suggest everyone, every day to get off work, if you encounter traffic jams, you can consider this replica tote bag instead of dumbbells, high and low, up and down practice. Exercise arm muscles, get up from every bats bag.

Because the cortex is too high, the general people are reluctant to squeeze the subway. Of course, if it is out of the pressure field, kick the museum (especially the negotiations, speak gold head), it really can be considered. The most important thing is that the card emphasizes the perfect combination of handbags and clothing gas field.

Replica Celine Handbags

They are also a major feature of the windbreaker, and last week talked about the British elegant B different, Replica Celine Handbags famous leather coat, such as pricing more than one hundred thousand yuan python skin EGG SHAPE windbreaker, Angelina Jolie leopard pattern, Sammi Cheng Of the red patent leather models, as well as A soup sister KatieHolmes always wearing a black windbreaker. Each of the gas field full, do not take a class of the same replica tote bag, how to live Oh home

Replica Celine Bags in the other wood, the most is the zipper. You see the face of the smiling face is not a huge, glittering zipper Mody But talking about the A goods market, although this imitation goods will sometimes see, but after all, can reach the consummate, true and false difficult to distinguish level or rare.

Replica Celine Handbags

Mainly the cost is too high, C home and do hit the color of the series, leather material is not easy to find, the color of more, high procurement costs, fight leather craft requirements and harsh. So she should be A goods market is not subject to the category. But she was a second-hand shop in the regulars, long-term scattered in the new music road, Shaanxi Road, Julu Road, Changle Road, the second-hand luxury goods window.

Trapeze series inspired by Replica Celine Bag classic handbag, it combines the classic elegant square lock design, Luggage leisure large capacity wings with Cabas random attitude. The appearance of exquisite and powerful, its single handle and shoulder strap dual-use design, to meet the needs of women will be different life scenes, and later in the material, color and size constantly upgrading, calfskin and suede, python Leather, wool, cotton stitching so many women could not help chop hand.

Replica Celine Handbags

Cortical super good result is sure that the price of the same rise in water prices. Especially the python pattern of the cortex, minutes are reminded to wash the shop owner your trench identity. As the fight skin has been its characteristics, so determined to have idlers through touch, smell, grinding, playing and other experience, self-improvement to achieve knowledge of leather literacy benefits. Finally, to say, although the ‘umbrella take’ the bat replica tote bag, each one at all times fluttering with small wings, waiting for an opportunity and you every time an impulsive desire, but the sub-less than 165 also please consciously detour.

Replica Celine Cabas Lambskin Leather Shopping Bag

Replica Celine Handbags Twisted Cabas bag who love the practical large-capacity handbags, if I want to describe, I would say that this is a can all the world under the bag, Celine Twisted Cabas series let you fall and winter to the most fashionable shape out Street, a variety of different colors can match any of your style coat, sweater, we can prepare in advance, and then look at the atmosphere of the shoulder strap, you are not tempted it?

Cabas Clasp is obviously more cool. This year the oversized bucket bag seems to set off a boom, which is because before the Replica Celine Bags launched Twisted Cabas. This bag is too suitable for high children. Gas field full. And also practical, you can install a lot of things!

Replica Celine Handbags

Replica Celine Bags has always been high to force the representative, no complicated design and decoration, simple but highlight the temperament. Such as this Twisted Cabas. One by one by the fashion bloggers star favorite.

Look at the shape of this replica bags tote to know that the capacity of the large beyond imagination. Each is a fight color, color combinations are very rich. This replica bags tote actually launched as early as the spring of 2010, but in the autumn and winter in 2015 was re-interpretation, and it is such a new design, fight color, knot the way to adjust the length, people put it down!

Replica Celine Handbags

Replica Celine Handbags on the wear is actually very simple, just like its design, the simpler the better. A simple sweater, accompanied by a wide leg pants, a pair of small white shoes, sometimes just about the more Fan children. Cabas Phantom is a lined design, lines neat, Cabas series of each reflects the essence of the brand minimalist style. Open-style loose design so that this bag capacity greatly increased, the bag can be used to take the mouth of the bow, you can also fall on both sides, casual casual sex. This CABAS PHANTOM large beige canvas handbag with white T-shirt, jeans can be very fashionable.

CELINE season’s most popular Replica handbags Clasp bag, with elegant handbag elegant shape, but also revealed CELINE has always been “cold” temperament, a good combination of simple and retro and retro, a total of three styles can choose, Medium Clasp , Clasp Cabas and Mini Clasp, which is large and small, but the version is still very different, the style is completely different!

Replica Celine Handbags

Some high-quality texture, but will be poked in the heart of the soft, which is all for everyone fascinated by CELINE Twisted Cabas with her, can simply put the whole universe. Capacity experiment, intimate with bag in the replica bags tote design for the storage of important pieces of the items, with a knot shoulder strap, to create a three-dimensional structure of handbags, pocket naturally open, simple personality.

Replica Celine Bags Cabas Lambskin Leather Shopping Bag Orange 5545 bag bottom suture delicate, origami-like structure, hold up the bag stiff structure, when do not know what to highlight the taste, you can choose LV; when you do not need anything Highlight the taste of time, CELINE is undoubtedly the best choice. Even wearing a T-shirt denim and then simply with the presence of the street, just a CELINE bag, you can express your unique gas field. A bit like charm magic in general, with a little mystery.

Replica Celine Handbags

CELINE each of the handbags, are not just the United States so simple, but with minimalist attitude, creating a classic posture! When others are decorated with flowers to spend time, it is clean like a Wang water; show field with gorgeous elements when the splendor of the show, it is outside the show with almost cold style swept most of the street shoot!

With the summer of the vest hot pants, but also for the leather and coat fabric collision, simply “ten all-around.” Full of three-dimensional design, classic simple outline, the use of color stitching, these features make this handbag beautiful, reserved and quiet. Just right wide shoulder strap, hand in hand to the fashion sense, is such a simple, ground gas, easy to use, Twisted Cabas everything is just right, maybe it can not let you fall in love, but the second eye Will never give up, put their own texture just right, not overly eye-catching, boys can also use.

Miu Miu Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet Black

Following the launch of the 2012 spring and summer series of commercial announcements, Replica Miu Miu Handbags released a new season Matelassé two-color handbag series, the new season handbag has a new model and a variety of color combinations. Simple line design and luxury materials and complex technology in stark contrast. Whether it is peculiar quilts on the goat or the iconic gold metal rotary buckle, are interpretation of Miu Miu unique characteristics. Made in cotton satin, Matelassé series handbags have five different models and equipped with adjustable shoulder strap. Colors include pale pink and flaming colors, bare pink and sand red as well as light gray and bright white.

MIUMIU many of the classic replica tote bag in the bag wrinkle Matelasse, Replica Miu Miu Handbags Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet Black has always been the highest selling replica tote bag in short supply. Soft leather, practical design and wild style, so that this bag has become a lot of stars a staff of the IT Bag. Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley are the fans of this bag Oh. Fifth Avenue is now also for everyone on this people see the love of MIUMIU folds, so you can immediately become a fashionable taste of IT Girl.

replica miu miu handbags

Soft fold appearance with silver lock, looks very well-behaved. Material has a shiny patent leather material, there are more low-key soft sheepskin, the color is also very diverse, both ladies feel a little metal elements in which the design is quite wild. Matelasse Frame series of bags in two different sizes, are available with removable chain, a variety of colors to choose from, such as lemon yellow and holiday blue these bright colors, also with a sapphire blue and camel these are more soft Colour.

In addition, Replica Miu Miu Bags launched a new Bauletto series of bags, three pocket models. Simple shape design and elegant leather, exquisite detail decoration to form an interesting contrast. This series uses an exclusive calfskin micro-quilting process and leather high-light treatment. The new Replica Miu Miu bags series – made up of Matelassé, Madras and Spazzolato leather series. This series continues Miu Miu brand classic details of the decoration: metal lock, gold finishes, etc., also has a new details such as design: the front pocket and contrast color suture and so on.

replica miu miu handbags

This series has a variety of colors to choose from – from brown, gray and ruby colors such as bright colors, to the white, flax and bamboo yellow soft color, and then green, pink and purple maroon Color system. Replica Miu Miu Handbag Club handbag from 1992 on the world famous Matelassé fold leather, light and smart lambskin texture, rough low-key metal chain decoration, wanton shine out of the unruly beauty.

Small replica tote bag of different kind of fine, big bag “Heiner rivers”, Miu Miu Top Handle handbags become a young woman’s functional bag preferred. Sweet cherry powder add a trace of tenderness, and tough metal handle and three-dimensional organ shape is to draw a rebellious femininity. More luxurious style, more distinctive spirit – the unique Nappa lambskin, the traditional exquisite embossed embossed process, as well as gorgeous pure white crystal chain, Replica Miu Miu Handbag lambskin crystal bag elegant control of various occasions, expressed On the traditional design aesthetics that is conservative and publicity of the new interpretation.

replica miu miu handbags

Speaking of Miu Miu’s replica handbag, you are not immediately think of that a wrinkled thick chain replica tote bag , elegant and revealing the rugged domineering, popular ruthless high. The new season’s miumiu handbag is completely subvert the idea, no longer wrinkled texture, Logo and pearl chain design of a lot of high-end, which highlights the new series of fine moving. Bright diamond round with a dream of words, girls heart burst, completely meet the depths of every girl’s aristocratic princess dream, Yan burst, there are a number of styles and color selection, it is not put it down!

Lady Dior Small Bag Calfskin Leather

Lady Dior classic classic women, however, the summer new listing. Bags are essential for every woman. Bags of the style of endless, every year on the new Speaking of good replica bag tote , had to mention the Dior’s Lady Dior series of handbags. This is a symbol of elegant women, embodies the superb skills and bold design, has become a lot of ladies and stars sought after the object.

Lady Dior ladies can be widely popular, partly because Diana Princess Lady Dior Small Bag Apricot Calfskin Leather (Silvery Hardware) 0633 Diana is very much love in the Dior handbags. Whether it is to attend the meeting, or daily out of the street, Princess Diana will wear a Dior handbags, but also show her noble and elegant. Subsequently, this female bag after Diana’s consent was named “Lady Replica Dior handbags“, appeared in the major entertainment and fashion version of the head, more and more people fell in love with it. Lady Dior ladies mainly to simple and generous, the use of high-quality leather material, highlighting the noble and elegant. Lady Replica Dior Bags this classic black handbags, the appearance looks smooth. The whole body is not too much body decoration, Dior’s metal brand logo hanging in the bottom of the handle, simple yet noble, suitable for everyday wear.

Replica Dior Handbags

2011 launched Lady Dior handbag design sense is very strong, in the original rattan pattern, add a good feel knitted wool. Handbags also use spell color as yellow and blue fight color, pink blue fight color, gives a strong visual experience, the perfect interpretation of the retro style. This bag is carrying out the street can make people feel bright and erect for the immortal. I believe that every woman has a princess dream in mind, launched in 2013 Lady Dior series of female replica bag tote is a good embodiment of the female princess dream. Designers change the usual style, to the bag design into a pink, not only portable but also a single shoulder. Shoulder strap with a variety of lovely items decorated, girls heart full. Black section with white pearl inlaid with rattan pattern.

2016 Lady Dior series of female replica bag tote spring and summer section is youthful vitality. Designers boldly use brightly colored flowers, cartoons and other patterns as a decoration, designed for the spring of the female replica bag tote . This year the listing of the new won a large number of enthusiastic pursuit of the star, this bag with a stylish golden Liu nail, along the rattan pattern mosaic.

Replica Dior Handbags

Lady Replica Dior handbags so many years is still popular reasons, not only because of its fine workmanship, quality is guaranteed, but also because it is a symbol of the noble and elegant women. Lady Dior handbags in the entertainment is very popular, as many stars in the airport show and fashion week essential bag. When you think of the classic bag, you will think that several replica bag tote s? There is no doubt that the vast majority of people will think of Lady Dior. Lady Dior This bag represents an ultimate elegance, both as a high-level daily replica bag tote , is the perfect evening replica bag tote , used to match the high evening. Today, meow sister to bring you a comprehensive analysis of Lady Dior.

In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, with her own consent, the handbag to her start is bound to be very legendary. Such an elegant replica bag tote soon became a large number of fashionable ladies and elegant ladies favorite. Followed by many years, until today, Lady Dior handbags have maintained a high popularity, has no doubt become a representative of Dior handbags.

Replica Dior Handbags

Luxury is not only a woman’s hobby, it is also virtually become a long-term investment, especially when it comes to those classic handbags, even if not to sell down is also a good choice, 2017 Replica Dior bags are now Listed, the classic section of the background and add more fun, such as Lady Dior handbags to join the lucky letters badge and pattern, a variety of bags to join the season popular colors and tricks, really want to take home all ah!

Lady Replica Dior handbag style more casual avant-garde, perfect fit 2017 early spring series of design concepts. She also has the elegance of Paris and London’s modern, and groundbreaking design on the shoulder strap can be free with the lucky ornaments. These accessories are Mr. Dior has been convinced of lucky patterns: such as bees, roses, lily of the valley, Dior first letter and so on. Each unique ornament represents the unique personality of Lady Dior Small handbags.

Gucci GG 2.0 Mini Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag White

Shoulder bag is a tide male travel dress guide, it is necessary to single product, in addition to reach the age of the visual effect, but also to create a charming style like a charming image. Replica gucci bags launched a variety of styles, for men of different personality selection, in addition to the rich flavor of the iconic shoulder bag models, comes with sports style embroidery style, or a distinctive shell-style shoulder bag, regardless of Casual or formal occasions, as long as the back of the fashionable shoulder bag, you can easily match the play with the actor’s handsome fashion look look!

Modern business models usually travel in the business style of men, Replica gucci bag GG 2.0 Mini Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag White can choose GG Marmont series, high-quality black leather, with retro to do the old metal double G buckle, luxury and modern As one. Or Men’s Animalier series, both playful and style, clamshell metal head decoration for the soft leather black Bering leather finishing touch.

The new Replica gucci handbags GG Marmont series of handbags in the 2016 autumn and winter show launched, creative director Alessandro Michele in the creation of this handbag, the gucci bagi 70’s classic double G logo, into its personal fashion aesthetics, double G logo is this The biggest feature of handbags. GG Marmont series of handbags with a more soft cortex and structure, and the traditional style of a new interpretation of a handbag, camera bag and covers three sizes of shoulder bag, are decorated with leather details of the brass metal chain , Both practical and yet feminine soft temperament.

Literary style of temperament, all kinds of literary Fan full of shell-style shoulder bag, by the rice open clever hand, with a symbol of the brand logo to give a new life. Which GG Blooms and GG Chevron series in the double G pattern against the background, showing the blue Blooms geranium printing and green and red Chevron chevron character pattern unique modern charm.

Tropical series of tropical jungle in the birds and flowers as the theme, fluorescent colors will be depicting the jungle world lifelike, strong contrasting color, it is one of the bright. And in the red and blue ribbon printed with a conspicuous red coral snake totem for the Web Snake series, the use of bright and eye-catching green for the end, coupled with the momentum of the serpentine, eye index full of points! At the same time, Web Animalier series to double G pattern for the end, in the middle of the replica bag totewith a green and red ribbon, and decorated with hornet embroidery totem, exquisite handicrafts to the Hornet performance was vivid.

Low-key luxury models, Replica gucci bags Signature series to the new Signature leather show double G pattern different side, the use of carefully selected fine calfskin, hot embossing process engraved clear neat details. Perfect and elegant leather fabric, gucci bagi in the leather series on the delicate and elegant texture, ingenuity of the design and exquisite production techniques to show the most vividly.

Street tide section, Techpack series shoulder bag, the most suitable for men who love the street style, however. In addition to the delicate metal head shape, as well as colorful tiger head decoration, lotus and letter embroidery, with green and red ribbon, and has a number of zipper pocket. Very functional at the same time, rice open characteristics of the design is even more impressive. This series of replica bag totes and all black plain design, simple and wild!

Valentino Rolling Rockstud leather shoulder bag Tan

Italian fashion brand Replica Valentino Handbags has always been the embodiment of elegance and romance, on behalf of a palace-style luxury. In recent years, various styles of Valentino began to move in the direction of the young closer, causing a rivets whirlwind, Rock stud Rolling riveting bag gradually become a high-profile street It Take the Replica bag, its style of free and easy popularity of the influx of people sought after. Valentino aristocratic spirit of its decision on the details of the control, whether it is clothing line, or shoes bag, are fine like works of art. It is worth mentioning that creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli perfect balance of the original style and innovation of the brand, but also precisely because they often and artists from different fields of cross-border cooperation, there are so many inspiration sits.

Replica Valentino Handbags

The brand’s latest Replica Valentino Handbags Rock stud Rolling series, in its continuation of the elegant design has joined the avant-garde rock elements, aimed at highlighting the fashionable girl break through self, be free and easy to do their own distinct personality, but also clean and refined gas. This edge and an exception is suitable for cool girls, but also for the girls want to make their own personality more. Replica Valentino Bags Garavani Rock stud Rolling medium shoulder bag, material: black elk calfskin, advantages: This bag can be portable shoulder, color style wild, you can make the whole look relaxed and handsome, perfect hold handsome color leather jacket or printing Jacket, but also with a skirt, turquoise embellishment can be a good set off the skirt swaying, more cents cents gas.

Replica Valentino Handbags

Replica Valentino Bags Rolling Rock stud leather shoulder bag Tan echoes the early spring accessories series of American aboriginal and rock style, the series to cool black calfskin, turquoise and silver rivets inlaid. Free and easy rock and roll wind can not be separated Rock stud Rolling silver rivets and turquoise patchwork, just right embellishment. Rock stud Rolling silver rivets inlay and metal accessories with turquoise, masculine and soft is the perfect fusion. Double zipper opening and closing, very convenient, zipper details are also very particular about. Adjustable cotton shoulder strap, Native Couture 1975 pattern embroidery, very chic, so that the whole bag more romantic, but also its unique. Leather handle, detachable leather nameplate, comfort and convenience are very strong.

Positive external pockets can be used to put some small objects, the internal compartment can put some private things. This backpack guitar strap is very bright, unique, with Navajo, Camubutterfly and Camu Funky Dragon three pattern design, so that the entire bag a lot of color, artistic beauty and romantic atmosphere. Overall, I think this bag is very worthwhile to start, the right size, practical strong, easy to install everyday items, but also for a variety of occasions, while the appearance is also very unique. Positive Rock stud Rolling silver rivets and turquoise exquisite embellishment, ultra-significant atmosphere, and the back of the embroidered shoulder strap and very romantic, out of the street absolute personality brisk.

Replica Valentino Handbags

The whole series is not only cool, but also slightly, exudes the hardness and softness of the harmonious beauty, low-key but without losing the style of design for a variety of shapes, unrestrained rock style absolute personality, full of vitality Temperament also allows you to easily reduce age. Since the advent of valentino rock stud, I do not remember what it was like before the replica bag tote, and last year released a new Rock stud Rolling, the elegant and avant-garde rock elements so clever combination of self-break, self-evident personality , The real stamp in the heart of the fashion crowd, I can only say that in the replica bag tote with a rivet to do an article in addition to valentino which brand can not shake.
In this case,
Rock stud Rolling is the most common street shooting this year to see a small cute, it not only joined this year’s most popular hand-embroidered cotton wide shoulder strap, and strap can be adjusted, can also be replaced, the whole look relaxed and handsome, perfect hold Live handsome colored leather or printed jacket, but also can be used with skirts, turquoise embellishment can be a good set off flickering skirt, more cents cents gas. Especially in 2047 has just released a series of the latest bags, Rock stud Rolling has extended the different styles of bags, do not want to hit the replica bag tote, we should aim Rock stud Rolling. This series also has a shoulder bag, also conform to the trend of the product. There are two sizes, trumpets and slap on the general, that is, an ornament, is estimated to be dedicated to install ip6s plus, large is not too large, there are a lot of people and grass!

Balenciaga Blackout City Small leather tote Noir

Balenciaga most well-known is the famous Motorcyle Bag, a question on the city to become stars and IT Girl grab pull in the arm, so Balenciaga motorcycle bag has become the highest visibility, the most easily with one of the IT Bag. Motorcycle bag the most notable feature is that 12 buckle, if you carefully observe you will find that there is little difference between them, Balenciaga motorcycle bag nail a total of divided into: gold nails, rose nails, silver nails, classic small Nails and leather nails five, their combination will make the locomotive tote bag replica to show different temperament.

Locomotive tote bag replica nail also size of the points, the best way to identify the tote bag replica is to see paragraph series, model GIANT21 series, are large nails (including gold nails, rose nails and silver nails), according to different nail size , Giant series is also divided into Giant21 & Giant12; so small gold nails, small silver nails and small rose nails are also some. The general small nails, in front of the model without GIANT. So the difference between city and Giant city is the size of nails, choose spikes, model marked as: Giant city or Giant part time.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

If asked why I would like motorcycle bag, because he can be installed, light, a zipper, good-looking, wild, color, can carry and back to meet so many requirements, really is the motorcycle tote bag replica, is simply All-around player first Locomotive tote bag replica my favorite models should still city, then a variety of, city is always the most appropriate size, with the most convenient and most convenient models. But I also have another preference, that is, we must classic small nails, small rivets are OK, but if I choose, then I will always choose the classic small nails.
Although the same section of the skin, but the rivets, especially large rivet models, stunned than the classic small nail on a lot of weight, then put something, basically the back of the rhythm does not move. This suede light orange small nail city is relatively new to buy, just discount, I have always liked the texture of suede, the color is also very good, I won. Although in recent years I do not like orange, but the orange is relatively light, not so brilliant, is still relatively wild color, so kinda like.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

City hit rate is very high, but basically if you buy a special color, will hit exactly the same, basically very difficult. And I usually with a Balenciaga out of their own little wallet ornaments, super cute, this is the paper section, when not a purse, only when the ornaments, but very cute. Color I take the hit color feel, you can also match the same color. One side has a zipper pocket, the other side is two open pockets, capacity is great, but the bottom of the open pocket is a gap, can not put coins and the like gadgets.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

Basically, the locomotive tote bag replica is black inside, this is actually a big drawback, because every time looking for things to turn for a long time, black completely invisible. Although I love to buy a bag, but in fact has been not care bag, of course, small sheep that Miss Sheeps except, usually or will pay attention to, I always thought that since I spend money to buy good things, I will use Their quality, buy back for me I might as well not buy.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

But the locomotive tote bag replica that I was completely will not care, but of course not what ten floor fell down ah, open a car grind several times ah this does not care, but is completely as a daily bag. Locomotive tote bag replica leather, as long as you do not cut him with sharp metal, and basically do not need care, very durable, very strong, and the older the better Light with a long corner and handle will be black, but still does not affect the appearance. I will not mind the general indoor motorcycle bag on the ground, the outdoor ground I generally will not put, but if we want to put the ground, as long as the ground is dry, I would not mind too much, take up when the two-shot it is good. Ordinary leather motorcycle bag, is generally not afraid of the water, sprinkle the water immediately wipe dry like, pour light rain does not matter.