Balenciaga Blackout City Small leather tote Noir

Balenciaga most well-known is the famous Motorcyle Bag, a question on the city to become stars and IT Girl grab pull in the arm, so Balenciaga motorcycle bag has become the highest visibility, the most easily with one of the IT Bag. Motorcycle bag the most notable feature is that 12 buckle, if you carefully observe you will find that there is little difference between them, Balenciaga motorcycle bag nail a total of divided into: gold nails, rose nails, silver nails, classic small Nails and leather nails five, their combination will make the locomotive tote bag replica to show different temperament.

Locomotive tote bag replica nail also size of the points, the best way to identify the tote bag replica is to see paragraph series, model GIANT21 series, are large nails (including gold nails, rose nails and silver nails), according to different nail size , Giant series is also divided into Giant21 & Giant12; so small gold nails, small silver nails and small rose nails are also some. The general small nails, in front of the model without GIANT. So the difference between city and Giant city is the size of nails, choose spikes, model marked as: Giant city or Giant part time.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

If asked why I would like motorcycle bag, because he can be installed, light, a zipper, good-looking, wild, color, can carry and back to meet so many requirements, really is the motorcycle tote bag replica, is simply All-around player first Locomotive tote bag replica my favorite models should still city, then a variety of, city is always the most appropriate size, with the most convenient and most convenient models. But I also have another preference, that is, we must classic small nails, small rivets are OK, but if I choose, then I will always choose the classic small nails.
Although the same section of the skin, but the rivets, especially large rivet models, stunned than the classic small nail on a lot of weight, then put something, basically the back of the rhythm does not move. This suede light orange small nail city is relatively new to buy, just discount, I have always liked the texture of suede, the color is also very good, I won. Although in recent years I do not like orange, but the orange is relatively light, not so brilliant, is still relatively wild color, so kinda like.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

City hit rate is very high, but basically if you buy a special color, will hit exactly the same, basically very difficult. And I usually with a Balenciaga out of their own little wallet ornaments, super cute, this is the paper section, when not a purse, only when the ornaments, but very cute. Color I take the hit color feel, you can also match the same color. One side has a zipper pocket, the other side is two open pockets, capacity is great, but the bottom of the open pocket is a gap, can not put coins and the like gadgets.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

Basically, the locomotive tote bag replica is black inside, this is actually a big drawback, because every time looking for things to turn for a long time, black completely invisible. Although I love to buy a bag, but in fact has been not care bag, of course, small sheep that Miss Sheeps except, usually or will pay attention to, I always thought that since I spend money to buy good things, I will use Their quality, buy back for me I might as well not buy.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

But the locomotive tote bag replica that I was completely will not care, but of course not what ten floor fell down ah, open a car grind several times ah this does not care, but is completely as a daily bag. Locomotive tote bag replica leather, as long as you do not cut him with sharp metal, and basically do not need care, very durable, very strong, and the older the better Light with a long corner and handle will be black, but still does not affect the appearance. I will not mind the general indoor motorcycle bag on the ground, the outdoor ground I generally will not put, but if we want to put the ground, as long as the ground is dry, I would not mind too much, take up when the two-shot it is good. Ordinary leather motorcycle bag, is generally not afraid of the water, sprinkle the water immediately wipe dry like, pour light rain does not matter.

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