Chloe Marcie Medium Leather Crossbody Bag Gray

Marcie series handbags with expansive washing calfskin or snakeskin, bag body shape abundance, large storage capacity; round leather handle convenient hand-held, decorated with a number of hands on the front suture, especially the use of faded metal materials , To create a classic taste. tote bags noble and subtle, but also with a dress or casual wear.

You can go to the market Amoy delicate earrings, bracelets, go to the stall to buy 10 dollars a vest inside, Replica  Chloe Bag Marcie Medium Leather Cross-body Bag Gray can also go to the wholesale market to buy high-heeled sandals, as long as the rise, As beautiful. If with a few dozen dollars of imitation goods tote bags , a good image of instant collapse. The reason why the Chloe Marcie series of bag wild, because it can mix with a lot of style, high round and Fan punk style, set off a red high-profile bad girl image. The two of them back this big red is Chloe Marcie series handbags launched earlier this year, “China Red” limited edition, temporarily set off a wave of Chinese red, supermodel Liu Wen also has this wild big tote bags . Reese with dress, piercing sweet lady; Anna Paquin with simple T shirt and denim shorts reflect the casual street style; Jessica Alba’s overall wear is the interpretation of the 30 + mature women commute Look.

Replica Chole Handbags

Replica Chloe handbags across the years, simple lines, saddle-shaped Bag, elegant arc, and both are telling the classic modern trend. Chloe handbags to the French atmosphere of fashionable style stands for many years, put on a low-key soft romantic color, using vegetable tanning and natural tanning exquisite leather, after years of precipitation, is still beautiful as ever. As Chloe girls independent self-confidence, fashionable uninhibited charm, modern does not fade.

Replica Chole Handbags

Trumpet bag is the biggest trend in recent years, compared to the tens of thousands of large mini bag, Replica Chloe Bag this trumpet Marcie really belongs to the king of the big price. Bag is calf texture, the surface has a clear grainy texture, but feels very soft cortex. Bag height equivalent to half of the magazine, exquisite sense of retro style is one of its biggest bright spot. Belt with the end of the bag across the bag on both sides, fixed by the four leather ring. There are two bags at the bottom of the bag with a fixed belt. Bag is a clamshell style, including a metal mouth zipper. Zipper and the bottom of the cover cited Chloe words, very low-key, do not lean to see it is difficult to find. Zipper open, cover the inside and Bag is the same calfskin material.

Replica Chole Handbags

The bag has a waterproof layer on the side. Although the bag is small, but the basic capacity to meet the usual needs (at the same time capacity of mobile phones, wallets, paper towels). Chloe trumpet Marcie there are two outside a style, covered with Bag is horse buckle fixed, rather than metal zipper. This style is more common, color, pink, yellow, blue, brown, light gray ….. and the only difference is the zipper models cover the horse buckle. Among the many colors, chocolate-like dark brown is the most popular, retro flavor the most rich. In addition to the trumpet, Chloe Marcie also medium and large, the following figure Miranda Kerr back is the medium, the right picture to cover the face is Charlize Theron, take the large Chloe Marcie.

Replica Chole Handbags

Maintenance / cleaning, do not impact or repeated friction, so as not to damage the surface;
To prevent direct sunlight to prevent the pattern fade;
When not in use, the collection in the enclosed dust belt;
Keep dry, avoid direct contact with high temperature;
Avoid prolonged exposure to pigment easy to fall off the material (such as magazines, other leather, etc.), to prevent the transfer of pigments, leather for any color are easily stained;
Grease and cosmetics are likely to penetrate into the leather, so to avoid contact with the product;
When cleaning, cloth parts can be gently with a cloth or brush, with water and soap clean, please avoid contact with the leather part. Leather part of the need to clean, should be soft dry cloth gently wipe, do not use soap or solvent.

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