Saint Laurent Monogram Metallic Matelasse Leather Chain Bag

Not have not said Replica YSL bag is the fashion circle has not become a fire into. A veteran of the French luxury brand occupies an extraordinary charm, so that all contact from then on completely fell in love. To the aristocratic reunion, shopping trips to the two main lines of love in the key figures and the story was announced after the clear, but think of fireflies and the influence between the boss little, the two just complete their own performances, so that the outcome can be successful, Li Luo and Lan Xin Ma is a highlight is tasteless, the dramatic effect is very good, but the two roles completely deleted also affect the film, I love that the film underworld “feces in the heart”, took great sense . , As long as there Replica YSL Bag, LOOK no missing highlights.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Rita Ora no single love YSL chain bag, Moreover, only love model money. Who can realize has always been for the leather, retro tea mirror, comic elements of love Rita should look like greasy YSL so pet? Locomotive jackets with casual flats, body YSL model chain bag chain, Yaoqi, with nature, highlight common. Comic elements + + tea mirror + mirror chain coat this is the rumors that the play three cool treasure it? Big popular star, small street to shoot the influx of people, everyone is using Replica YSL Handbags concave shape. Onogram series, the girls certainly feel very familiar, after all, whether it is street shooting or life, its use rate is very high, ysl logo is also too classic.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

But in fact the girls may not really understand it, because so far Monogram series has been out of a different design of different colors or different materials more than 100 bags. You really can accurately find the most in line with their own want is also not easy, this series is really too complicated, but also just illustrates its classic. Monogram series today, to facilitate the girls to find Mr. Bag. Monogram series is the “Y” word removed from the brand Hedi Slimane personally designed the first bag series, and Monogram series is the biggest landmark feature with Y’s “ysl” Logo, can think “ysl” in the How important Saint Laurent is. The “ysl” Logo from the beginning of 1961, Mr. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags invited artist Cassandre designed brand identity, now for the brand is more like the soul of the same brand of God.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

As the Monogram series style too much, Saint Laurent also its subdivided into many small series. Mary for the girls to integrate the current market in the sale of several, easy to grass! Monogram College pretty famous one is College, in 2015 when popular popular retro college style, should be launched by the Monogram College is also popular. Compared with the series of other models College to join the line of sewing design, mostly by the small sheepskin or more delicate calfskin made, shaped, profile shape is more gentle. “Ysl” Logo has black, silver, gold three kinds of options, Mary personal favorite black Logo, super texture, and black seven the same!

College has two sizes, Large and Medium. In general, the medium-sized bag chain is relatively long, you can single shoulder or oblique with the back; large chain is more coarse and very short, can only carry, but the chain can be demolished, so if you want to buy large Do not want to carry their own can also be a long chain. Large Size: 12.5 / 7.8 /3.3 inch Medium Size: 9.4 /6.6 /2.5 inch, and later out of a more Mini of the College Chain Wallet, so popular this year, a small bag, now start is also a good time.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is still loyal silk, remember that she also love the Sac de Jour, but more suitable for large commuter commuter, and occasionally out of the back Monogram series is also more dynamic. College series is also quite suitable for Gigi this kind of American sports girl, pilot jacket and college style Bag over ride, Gigi very know what they are suitable for. Le also chose College, cool camouflage jacket and denim shorts feel full of students, the red lips of the machine and Saint Laurent classic retro and sexy. Another special series of fire is Monogram Kate, is a small packet of small tote bag replica, the front of the back are very simple, in addition to Logo, basically no extra design. But very classic wild, and College of small sheepskin, mostly cowhide material, looks more angular.

Monogram Kate with tassels and without tassels, tassels are more popular in the country known as the network red envelopes. Perhaps too much fire, Replica YSL Handbags points them very clearly, with fringed Kate Bag in the official website has become a series. In the price, the same size crocodile skin embossed, python leather embossed the most expensive, smooth leather followed, the most pro-people velvet models. But no wonder, half-matt fringe spike spike is indeed very lovable, a little more details of the design does make a lot of extra points in the texture of the bag. Without tassels have Large and Medium two sizes, while the tassel models are Medium and Small two sizes.

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